Forever Summer

TheBlackLAMB, a part of vacation.

Heartaches of Summer

Sunkiss. Most of us wishing that summer will last forever. To make some happy summer time memories. Picking up the best summer outfit that we have. Enjoying the beach, go boating, fishing, surfing, soak up the sun, get your feet wet. Relax and unwind. But how summer time really affects our life or maybe our HEART? Our heart that will never feel the sunburn on our skin but the pain that only heart can feel. Our heart that can never gets wet by the salt water of the sea which is above on our knee and the cold wind who blows our hair to feel its care.
There are so many ways how to describe our summer time. Some of those are having memories that will last forever. Memories that you built together. Memories that you would never forget, yet would never change.

Memories could last forever than the present. Wether we like it or not we could never escape from the past. Maybe memories from summer time could leave a sunburn in our heart. That’s the other way of remembering the summer. Yes it was fun but we didn’t ever notice that it was burning us little by little. At first, excitement will push us from expectations to plans. But disappoinments are always there.

Summer can’t promise us a perfect memories. It could only give us a time for a choice on how we write our story. But what if you decided to start to write your summer time story and you can’t control the pen on your hand? What if the pen controling itself and decided to write a story for you? A story that we could only seen in fairytale? A perfect timing, a perfect place, a perfect season and a perfect someone.

The First Drawing (with somebody)

A perfect timing. When you’re heart is ready to appreciate every single effort.

A perfect place. A place that could blown you away. The quite beach and the Mr. Sun. The art and symbol on the sand. The sound of waves that relaxes our mind. The stars above us and the quite sound of the Island. A perfect place to spend time together when no ones care what you do. Floating, only waves that touches your skin are the witness of your happiness together. An oceanic eyes that keeps staring passionately on your brown eyes that makes you feel the endless love. Touches of arms that will allows you to feel secure even you’re afraid from the big waves of the ocean, no boat no paddles just the two of you touching each others body floating alone on the deep edge of the ocean with an orange life.

A perfect season. Summer with drops makes this perfect. Kisses under the rain with the rhythm of waves that keeps us moving. Summer treating us so good and he make you feel like one spinning out of control in every little move he making is driving you wild and crazy. Every kiss is like a sweet that you wanna taste. Making this boy crazy by saying this is the best time of his life. Telling everybody how proud he is having you.

Isn’t he perfect? He is. A perfect person. A person you would want to live with. A person you want to grow old with. A person that you would bake a cake for his birthday. A person you would want to share coffee and pancakes every morning while watching the sunrise kisses his skin. A person will ask you to ride on his back while he’s driving his bicycle. A person who would love to talk with you for hours. To walk with in the goodtimes and badtimes of your life. A person who will give you encouragement when you’re feeling down and kiss you while saying “everything will be fine”. Person who will tell you that you are the best thing happened in his life. A PERSON that will always reminds you that it’s FOREVER SUMMER.

But suddenly. . .